sailent features

Descriptions Sanjen Upper Hydroelectric project (SUHEP) Sanjen Hydroelectric project(SHEP)
Type of project Peaking Run-of-River Cascade Peaking Run-of-River
Design Flow 11.07m3 11.57m3
Gross Head: 161.3 m 442m
Headworks: Overflow weir type with undersluice and side intake Off-take from tail-water of SHUEP and chhupchung feeder
Desander Type and Size: Surface, 60m(l)x8.5m(b)x7.10m(h) Pond, 80m(l)x30m(b)x8m(h)
Headrace Tunnel length and size: 1377m(l)x3.5m(b)x3.75m(h) 3630m(l)x3.5m(b)x3.75m(h)
Penstok Length and size 480m, 1.1m to 2.5m in diameter 1020m, 1.1m to 2.5m in diameter
Power House Type and Size: Surface, 45.8m(l)x14m(b)x23m(h) Semi surface, 57.5m(l)x30m(b)x15m(h)
Turbine type,Orientation,number & unit capacity: Francis,horizontal axis ,3Nos,5.1MW each Pelton,vertical axis ,3Nos,15MW each
Generator unit Capacity and Numbers 3 Phase synchronous AC,5.85 MVA, 3Nos 3 Phase synchronous AC,16.4 MVA, 3Nos
Installed Capacity: 14.8 MW 42.5 MW
Annual Salable Energy 82.439 GWh 241.865GWh
Dry Energy 10.583 GWh 34.28 GWh
Wet Energy 71.856 GWh 207.58 GWh
Transmission line length and voltage 5 km/132 KV 2.0 km/132 KV